Fixed Cutter Bits

ADEs (Application, Design, Evaluation Specialists) are based worldwide and work closely with customers to create and optimize bit designs for specific applications.




MANUFACTURING paradigm meets the needs
of today’s operator: high quality, custom designed bits, delivered in days, not months.





The TorkBuster™ dramatically reduces bit related torque and stick-slip problems adding significant efficiency to drilling operations and thereby reducing costs.


INTERTIA™ Friction Reduction Tool

The INERTIA tool generates lateral vibration into the drill string to reduce friction. Its ability to add friction-reducing vibration into a drill string can enhance weight transfer to the bit, allerviate torque and drag effects ion the string and aid in drilling efficiency.




The TruGauge tool features a short near bit stabilizer designed specifically to achieve a better quality well bore by reducing hole spiraling and increased directional control by changing the location of the BHA contact points.

steelOur steel body product line drills harder, firmer formations at a higher rate of penetration than conventional PDC products. The shankless, signle piece bits feature a flat profile that optimizes depth-of-cut from bit center to to gauge. These versatile bits drill from well spud to surface casing drill-out and beyond.


matrixPropietary mold technology, fully integrated manufacturing, application specific matrix blends and premium cutter offerings define the performance of our Matrix product line. With serveral hundred field proven designs, our premium matrix body PDC bits are designed for traditional, rotary, morot and directional applications in both soft and hard rock formations.


INERTIA™ 101in_friction_tool

How INERTIA works...

  • Fluid turns the turbine driven power section
  • The power section turns an unbalanced mass which generates lateral vibrations


  • These vibrations are very high frequency but low amplitude (low G’s)
  • These vibrations affect the drill string above and below the tool
  • Higher flowrates = More powerful vibrations
  • Shock subs are not needed with Inertia, they provide no benefit for laterally vibrating tools

Advantages of INERTIA

  • There’s no rubber components that can fail and plug up the MWD
  • This also means the tool can be run at higher temperatures
  • There’s no pressure pulse to interfere with the MWF signal
  • Incredibly low pressure drop. Typical INERTIA pressure drop is 60 psi
  • This allows for higher flow rates deeper into the lateral
  • SPP limited rigs see almost no difference when compared to running without any type of friction reducing tool
  • Multiple tools can be run if needed